911 Carrera Graphics

Part Number Description Price
001-001-XXX 911 Carrera Side Decal  68” Long  Set Left/Right $125.00
001-002-XXX 911 Carrera Side Decal  68” Long  Left Side $75.00
001-003-XXX 911 Carrera Side Decal  68” Long  Right Side $75.00
001-004-XXX Carrera RS for Rear Spoiler (Ducktail)  9.5 “ Long $45.00
001-008-XXX Early 911 Porsche Positive Stripes  64..4” Long Set- Left/Right $100.00
001-006-XXX Porsche Negative For Rear Spoiler (Ducktail) 38.4” Long $50.00
001-007-XXX Early 911 Porsche Negative Stripes 71.2” Long- Set  Left/Right $80.00
001-009-XXX 911 RS Bumper Stripes 3 piece Set $85.00
001-010-XXX Carrera RS Full Set includes 001,004,006,009 $200.00

To order, add the color number to the end of the part number(XXX): White-010, Black-012, Tomato Red-013, Bright Orange-014, Primrose Yellow-015, Blue-017, Metallic Silver-020, Metallic Gold-131, Medium Green-186, Dark Green-041. Custom colors may be specially ordered.